“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attraction.”

- Albert Einstein


Hey, I’m Isabel.

Welcome to my site. Or you can call this a fun resume.

I’m a goal-driven creator that loves getting her hands dirty by working on new projects, implementing new trends and turning vision into realities. I have three rules for myself:

  1. To always learn.

  2. To always be “less talk, more action”.

  3. To always commit to the very end.

Want to get sh*t done? Let’s be friends.



Here are a list of things that I’m passionate about and a list of things that I’m good at:


WebSITE reDesign

Project Management



  • Website Redesign: Design matters. Your organization’s website, in particular, is the first impression you will give to potential customers. I love applying UX Design principles to let your brand shine through a clean website.

  • Project Management: I’m extremely passionate in implementing high-level strategies with dedicated teams in growing markets. With over 3 years of project management experience, I love turning vision into reality.

  • Offline Marketing: Offline marketing can help strengthen your brand identity and increase word-of-mouth. Having led numerous initiatives, I am good at strategically planning and easily executing the next big campaign.

  • Community Marketing: Nurturing a community means engaging in meaningful conversations. I have been recognized through ambassador programs, community events and have managed a large sponsorship network.





The Legacy Conference 2019 is the largest student entrepreneur conference in Canada. Over the course of two days, we hosted keynotes delivered by entrepreneurs and industry pioneers, expert panel discussions, mentorship sessions, a startup exposition showcasing some of the nation’s hottest startups, and interactive workshops for startups and attendees.

Legacy Web.png


  • Grew from 600 to 850 attendees in 2 years

  • 40+ community partners and sponsors

  • $100,000 in sponsorship raised

  • Expanded from 2 to 9 Canadian provinces

  • Managed team of 20 student volunteers

  • Implementation of internal organization structure for succession planning

  • Optimization of onsite registration and back-end organization




“Isabel Gan was incredible to work with for the redesign of the Startup Garage website. The Startup Garage website was in need of a refresh, and Isabel worked with our team to help us imagine, create and launch the new site. Her attention to detail and focus on user experience on the website helped us to create something that was both informative and engaging for web-visitors. Isabel delivered the project and on budget. I would highly recommend her for future projects and would welcome the chance to work with her again.”

- Kathleen Kemp, Manager @ E-Hub

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Startup Garage Mobile.png

Making ideas happen and helping projects scale:

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