I have 3 years of Project Management experience in managing various projects across SaaS, Information Technology and Event Management industries.

I am also skilled at learning new concepts quickly, working well under pressure, collaborating with various cross-functional teams and communicating ideas clearly and effectively.

I’m extremely passionate in implementing high-level strategies with dedicated teams in growing markets.


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The Legacy Conference 2019

The Legacy Conference 2019 is the largest student entrepreneur conference in Canada. Over the course of two days, we hosted keynotes delivered by entrepreneurs and industry pioneers, expert panel discussions, mentorship sessions, a startup exposition showcasing some of the nation’s hottest startups, and interactive workshops for startups and attendees.


  • 850 attendees

  • 40+ community partners and sponsors

  • $70,000 raised

  • Expanded from 2 to 9 Canadian provinces

  • Managed team of 20 student volunteers

  • Implementation of internal organization structure for succession planning

  • Optimization of onsite registration and back-end organization


A partnership between CFS and, the initiative works with a few of the largest Canadian ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to offer $10/month internet for the lowest income household demographics.

I was in-charge of managing our agents in offering the Support Centre for all computer shipments, technical issues or resolution of replacement requests.


  • Managed two call agents

  • Optimized internal process flow for tracking, knowledge base development and automating operations

  • Identified key metrics for success

  • Visualized communication channels and simplified complex supply chain stakeholder map

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